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Submitted on
November 3, 2012
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twist the pony was a scientist. and she had created a portal to another world. as she waited for a creature to notice it, she got some juice. as she was going to the fridge, a zombie from minecraftia noticed the circle. he had never seen a circle, so obviously, he thought it was interesting. he walked through it. for some strange reason, he went to the new place immediatly, instead of twisting and wiggling and warping. he stepped out into a clear world, with smooth lines and more potions and brews and things than he had ever seen, and this was just a room. he couldn't get out. but then, a creature walked in. it looked like a baby cow with glasses and curls. her name was twist. twist looked at the thing. it was square, and pixely, and ugly. "It must be an alien!" thought twist. she looked up at the "alien" and said
"hello, alien. my name is Twist. i am an equestrian creature. if you can understand me, please tell me also where you come from." said twist in an orderly fashion. the "alien" groaned. and before she could say "help" twist was attacked. the next day, twilight was walking through town. suddenly twist appeared. twilight looked at her. she was green. "why are you green, twist?" said twilight. and twist attacked twilight. spike called 911. then twist attacked spike and the police ponies. now there were 8 zombie twists. they roamed ponyville, along with the leader: Zombie. the one who attacked the original twist. anyways, the first twist found a bar. it was empty except for one pony named berry punch. the first twist walked in, and attacked berry punch. and berry punch became an upgraded zombie twist who could shoot wine out of her body. the second twist encountered a tree house. in it were three fillies. "hello twist." said the first filly, who was orange. "why are you green?" said the yellow filly. "yeah, why are you green, twist?" said the third filly, who was white. the zombie twist attacked all of them. the third zombie twist
saw a small door in the ground. she fell into a small underground shelter. it was empty. the zombie twist fell through the floor and died. the fourth twist found a news ship. she entered. the camera pony and the the news reporter pony looked at the zombie twist. two more entered. the actress pony said "BREAKING NEWS! ZOMBIE ATTACK IN PONYVILLE! " but ended up being eaten by the zombie. the fifth zombie found an underground shelter, which was now full of ponies. the twist zombie ate every single one of them. the sixth zombie twist walked into a skyscraper and attacked all of the 73 ponies that were in there at the time. the seventh zombie saw some baby fillies cuddling in a school. she attacked them all. the eighth zombie saw 47 ponies building a tower, and 28 more watching from  below. the eighth was very smart, considering she was the original twist, and found a way into one of the machines. she took a leap off of the machine and started to carefully climb the unfinished building. when at the top, she jumped and stomp. the building tipped over and started to fall. taking a risk, zombie twist jumped down and landed in the machine. her plan had gone successfully. the zombie that had gone through the portal found some gossiping ponies. in zombie language he said "gossip sucks. you will pay for your crimes." but to the ponies, it sounded like "moan moan groan moan groan goran ugh augh." the ponies were startled. the zombie attacked. soon, every resident of ponyville was either a normal zombie or a twist zombie. they all formed together to make a giant twist zombie. they then attacked all the lower grounds. then they made an even larger twist zombie and attacked pegasus cities. there were now 100,000 twist zombies and 5,000 normal zombies. they made an ultimate twist zombie, taller than mount everest. it walked ten miles, which was only one step, and then they looked at the puny canterlot mountains below them. helicoptors, army airplanes and fighter jets surrounded it, along with a forcefield. the giant twist zombie ate the flying things and picked up canterlot. more guards tryed to get her, but she turned them into zombies. then celestia and luna walked out. they tried to protect their home. but they realized this was a very horrible threat to them. they realized they would never deafeat her in their whole lives, and it picked them up, takiing them closer and closer to her mouth.... and then they woke up. "AAH!" they said in sync. "what a horrible nightmare." said celestia. her and luna got out of bed. they heard a little noise and looked out the window..... to find a giant twist zombie. "well, i never had to live anyway." said luna, and they accepted their fate. celestia put a needle in the neck of the pony because she thought it would make it mad and they could get it over with easily. but air came out of the neck and rainbow dash flew down. "that was a prank, princesses. wasn't it awesome?" said the pegasus. "it's almost season celebration day and i want to have a little prank marathon because ponies love to prank other ponies around here. so i made a giant inflatable zombie pony because who isn't afraid of zombies?" she said. and flew away laughing. the princesses said "few." and went to eat their breakfast but just giggled in how scared they were of a prank for half of the meal. THE END
for the contest, (see journal entry) i decided to make this first. so yeah, hope you apreciate it!
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